Star C++ Programming


Star C++ Programming

C++, pronounced "C plus plus" is a programming language that was built off the C language. The syntax of C++" is nearly identical to C,C++ programming language with a special focus on the concepts Of OOps and their implementation. It has Object-oriented features, which allow the programmer to create objects within the code. This makes programming easier, more efficient, and some would even say, more fun. Because of the power and flexibility of the language it has remained in a variety of sectors, including Finance, Banking, Games, Telecoms, Retail, and more. Learning C++ enables you to create apps as well as games and commercial software with ease. Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome are two of the most well known projects created with C++, and indeed, most of Adobe, and much of Amazon’s websites are written in C++.



This course assumes that the Learner is an entrant to the world of programming and that learning C++ programming language is the first step to it. Also, anyone who wants to brush up their C++ programming skills would find this course helpful.


Course Objectives:

  • To understand Object oriented programming and advanced C++ concepts.
  • To improve problem solving skills.
  • To learn the characteristics of an Object-oriented programming language: data abstraction and information hiding inheritance, and dynamic binding of the messages to the methods.


Training Cost includes:

  • Training Fee.
  • Books.
  • Training Attendance Certificate.
  • Materials for Exam Preparation.
  • Extra Practice Time.


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Star C++ Programming


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