Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tunning

Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tunning Training & Certification


Get the most out of your 11g Database by learning performance tuning methods that maximize the utility of the database. Students learn how to benefit from Oracle Database 11g automatic tuning features, as well as practicing the manual tuning methods using the statspack tool. After clearly defining the various methodologies one can use to tune an Oracle Database, the course covers the various tunable components of an Oracle Database. Throughout the course, students experience hands-on the tuning of an Oracle Database by practicing through a series of workshops.


This course counts towards the Hands-on course requirement for the Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certification. Only instructor-led inclass or instructor-led online formats of this course will meet the Certification Hands-on Requirement. Self Study CD-Rom and Knowledge Center courses are excellent study and reference tools but DO NOT meet the Hands-on Requirement for certification.

Course Objectives:

  • Use the Oracle Database tuning methodology appropriate to the available tool
  • Utilize database advisors to proactively tune an Oracle database
  • Use the tools based on the Automatic Workload Repository to tune the database
  • Use Statspack reports to tune the database
  • Diagnose and tune common database performance problems
  • Use Enterprise Manager performance-related pages to monitor an Oracle database


CPN offers Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tunning Training Regular & Fast track.



Training Cost includes:
  • Training Fee
  • Books.
  • Training Attendance Certificate.
  • Materials for Exam Preparation.
  • Extra Practice Time.



Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tunning Training & Certifiation Program




 Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tunning

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